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About Our Classy K-9 Groomers
Wake Forest North Carolina
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 It is not an exaggeration to say that dog grooming is a large part of Jessica's life---she started dog grooming at 13-years old! From her first summer job and through High School, the passion for making one's pet look and feel their best stayed with Jessica. With over 16 years in the trade, Jessica also has a 400-hours of animal care care certificate from New York.

Now you may find Jessica working behind the scenes at Classy K-9 as well as on the field, but her passion for your pets remains the same!

 Animals have always been my passion, especially horses and dogs. Growing up I was always seeking out opportunities to surround myself with animals whenever I could. Becoming a groomer as an adult was just a perfect natural fit for me. I have experience in the veterinary field, pet sitting, kennel work, as well as dog training. I volunteered for over a year with a military working dog handler while living in Germany. Currently, I am enrolled in classes for K9 massage, kinesiology taping, red light therapy and myofascial release. Going to work with dogs every day truly is amazing. Giving your dogs a high-quality groom, keeping them comfortable and giving them the best experience possible while they are in my care is my number one goal. I truly love my job and all the dogs I care for. 


Outside of work you can find me spending time with my three kids and dog, Axel. We love going on adventures, spending time outdoors, and having movie nights at home.

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