Pet Care Plan | Classy K-9 Long Island Mobile Dog Groomer

What is the Pet Care Plan and Membership? 

It is true that not all pets require haircuts each month (or at all in the case of non-haircut breeds) however, it’s a common misconception that dogs do not need to be bathed monthly. A dogs skin cell cycle is 21 days . This means that at approximately 4-6 weeks the skin and coat need to be properly washed and moisturized. Their nails, ears and (for most breeds) eye corners and sanitaries need to also be maintained monthly for proper health & hygiene.

Our Pet Care Plan is designed to do all of that and more!


We will keep your pets fully maintained from their nose to their toes with our specially designed all inclusive luxury care. Visits under our Pet Care Plan also include a teeth cleaning and breath spray.


Do I have to join the membership in order for you to groom my dog?

Membership is not required. Classy K-9 Mobile Dog Grooming Long Island offers clients the option of scheduling as desired. By joining our membership plan, your pet will be on a recurring schedule (from 4 up to 6 weeks between each visit -- you and your groomer will be able to determine the best time frame for your pet!). Additionally, Pet Care Plan members will receive a discount with their grooming, in addition to the complimentary teeth cleaning and breath spray.